Hand In Hand

Want to work with a service that puts your family first ??  Let’s work….Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand is Families First (North East)'s project to provide support for young adults and children with a range of additional needs, including autism and behavioural issues.

It is a personalised support service that is tailored for each individual client.

For the vast majority of clients, it is providing 1-to-1 support (2-to-1 and 1-to-2 also available) to enable them to do the things that they enjoy socially and within the local community. However, we offer support in the home also to offer respite to parents / carers or additional support at times of crisis.

Support offered can include:

  • Employment and education support
  • Personal care
  • Social activities
  • Short Break respite for parents and carers
  • Overnight care either at home or away from home
  • Supported holidays / short break
  • Emergency and last minute supports
  • Independent living and transport training
  • School holiday cover

What you can expect from the Hand In Hand Service:

  • Regular feedback and updates on progress with a senior member of the Hartlepool Families First team
  • A dedicated team member to meet your needs, ensuring consistency to your family and committing to high quality
  • A clear set of charges with no hidden extras
  • Personalised packages for every client – Nothing off the shelf !!
  • Attendance and input at multi-agency meetings, if applicable.

All of the above is summarised in Our Client Promise :

  • Affordable. We will never overcharge and our costs are reasonable.
  • Best practice in development.  We want to offer the very best service and have high standards and exceptional expectations from our team members and the service. We will meet regularly with clients, listen to their feedback and respond immediately.
  • Consistency is important. You will be supported by the same people each week.
  • Dignity. You will always be treated with dignity !
  • Enjoyment, we will support you doing the things that you love. 

Let us take the hassle out of your Direct Payment / Independent Living Fund arrangements

Families without a Direct Payment / ILF, are more than welcome to purchase this service privately.

For further information or advice, please contact Melanie Clark, Section Head for Health and Wellbeing, on 01429 867016.